Interior design today? Of course it is so much about what one sees. Both at the start + the end of a project.
But there is more. Our thoughts here.

It is so incredibly important to us, as an interiors firm, to understand the resonance of design. This means getting out - and really looking deeply at culture, maker and sense of place to better know why things are the way they are. More of that selective eye this spring when we traveled to San Miguel and Los Angeles.
— emily lyon + Beth field
We spend a lot of time, in the pre-design phase, discovering how the client wants to live and how, together, we are going to achieve that for them. Then we bring our technical expertise into the conversation.
— Beth Field
Texture is what adds dimension to a room. Even a simple scheme can be elevated when the creative takes texture into account — art, fabrics, furniture, light. It all adds to the end statement a space makes.
— Emily Lyon
We call part of our approach to design - using a selective eye. Why? Because we truly believe spaces need to be considered. Then pattern, color and style can be layered in, selectively. Sometimes more is just more. But we think being selective yields the best results.
— Emily Lyon + Beth Field